What Clients Are Saying

I work with all of my clients and prospects on a strictly confidential basis. The comments below come from customers who have specifically given me permission to post them. As these clients have told me, they know that all successful businesses hire consultants—so they are not reluctant to let others know that they made a smart decision in hiring me.


Tutoring Up-GradesCarena helps with the most amazing variety of solutions to the equally   amazing variety of problems I bring to her.  Some of her ideas are long to implement and some are extraordinarily quick (my favorite!).  While I prefer the quick ones, all are invaluable, worthwhile, and perfectly fitted to the task or project goal.

— Tess Fisher, President & Certified Tuor
Tutoring Up-Grades
Poughkeepsie, NY

The Brothers that just do Gutters

Before meeting Carena, I had never worked with a business advisor that not only gives excellent advice, but is willing to do the hard work with you to get the desired results. Carena has a gift for helping you through tough business decisions and gives the outside opinion we all long for. On top of that she then does the real work associated with moving your business forward (documents, graphs, meetings, charts). We love having her on our team and would recommend her to any business owner looking for more than just advice. Carena has the unique ability to listen to all of our ideas or issues before coming up with a solution or offering advice. She asks great questions that help you through your business decisions, and when she has a grasp on the scope of your plan, she will then start giving guidance to the solution process.

— Ryan Parsons, Co-Owner & Chief Solutionist
The Brothers that just do Gutters
Billings, NY

Kraig with a 'K' - SealTECH SealcoatingAs a business owner for nearly 10 years, I have realized that there are some things I do very well and other things I don’t… By setting up custom spreadsheets, analyzing information and really seeing the bottom line, she has helped me manage my business better than I could have alone. She should be every small business owner’s best friend.

— Kraig with a ‘K’
“The Driveway Guru”
Owner, SealTECH Sealcoating
Hyde Park, NY

The Chocolate Mousse CateringAs a small business owner, having a business advisor has been crucial to building my business. Using Pooth & Associates Business Advisors has given me a sounding board that I would otherwise not have. Carena has been my accountability partner, keeping me on task. The additional expense of having Carena as a business coach is only pennies compared to the cost cutting measures that she has helped me implement. The coaching pays for itself! Pooth & Associates’ services are a necessary investment for any business owner who needs to sharpen their time management skills and increase profit and sales.

— Heather Casto, Chef/Owner
The Chocolate Mousse Catering
Hyde Park, NY

Serenity Graphic DesignBefore working with Carena, I was totally distracted and to be honest I didn’t have a clue on my business’s needs or how to help it to grow. After Carena developed my Business Roadmap, I now have the ability to see my business more clearly and am able to make time and reach my goals. I am so used to helping other people market their products or services, that I totally forgot about myself. Carena has helped me get on track and develop strategies on how my business can grow to its full potential and also be able to grow as a person and a better business owner as well. I am very grateful and honored to have met Carena, not only as a business woman, but a friend as well. I would highly recommend Carena to be your business advisor.

— Laurie Szostak
Serenity Graphic Design
Lagrangeville, NY

The Shipping PlaceCarena is a professional’s professional. We have worked many times together over the past year. I have always received insightful and prudent information for the topic(s) at hand. You will be doing yourself and your business a favor by hiring Carena for advice and/or assistance.

— Ted Timmons
The Shipping Place
Hyde Park, NY

SendOutCardsWhen you sit down with Carena, she is totally focused on you, your issues and she really makes you dig deep. She is an incredible listener, which personally I think has become a lost art. She also knows just the right questions to ask. She makes you think. She’s patient, kind, has an excellent sense of humor, and even with her sense of humor, she is a no nonsense kind of a coach. My biggest problem was time management, and how to stop doing things that aren’t all that important. Carena taught me that I am controlling my day, my day is not controlling me, and I too can be successful!

— Dianne Chambers

Studiodog Web Marketing & DesignIt’s GREAT knowing I have you to bounce things off of—especially in the midst of those busy days when many situations compete for my attention. I find I am able to handle these situations more professionally, accurately, AND in less time!! For this I THANK you.

— Suzan Myrtle

Studiodog Web Marketing & Design
Poughkeepsie, NY

Montessori School of Kingston / Rhinebeck Montessori School
Carena has exceeded my expectations in every respect—I cannot say enough good things about her. I was really surprised by the scope of things she can help with. Carena has helped me avoid costly mistakes and increase my sales with the most effective marketing my business has ever done in its 16 year history. Since I started working with Carena, my own way of thinking about my business has changed and I have become much more focused and organized.


— Tali Mallick
The Montessori School of Kingston
Kingston and Rhinebeck, NY

Carena is amazing. As a business owner I value her input, whether she agrees with me or not. She is direct and knowledgeable and always has great advice. I would recommend her for anyone in any stage of business. She has the ability to untangle complex plans and break them down to manageable steps so they are achievable and eventuallly achieved. Without her, we would not be in the position we are.

— Vivian Mandala
Rhinebeck, NY