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Pooth & Associates

Anyone who’s worked with me knows that my passion is helping small business owners increase their profits and their happiness. So let me ask you a couple of questions.

Are you a small business owner? Do you often feel that you’re in a very lonely position, trying to solve problems and make decisions all by yourself?


If you’re a small business owner, I bet you’re wearing all the hats (or nearly all of them). The trouble is, you can’t possibly be expected to have the knowledge or expertise needed to wear all those hats!


Imagine having an informal business partner – an experienced “business buddy” you can work with, bounce ideas around with, and rely on for help whenever you need it. That’s what I’m here for.


My BUSINESS SUPPORT PROGRAM includes two essential components:

  • Ongoing support on an as-needed basis directly from me – Carena Pooth –  a seasoned business executive, advisor, and coach.
  • Hands-on assistance, when needed, to meet the needs of your business. If I don’t have the necessary skills or resources, I’ll find them for you in my extensive network of business professionals. (I’ve lived in the beautiful Hudson Valley almost all my life, and I recommend local resources whenever I can.)

With this dual approach

  • You are never alone when you need to talk about anything at all having to do with your business. Just pick up the phone and give me a call.
  • We’ll prioritize specific issues and projects for maximum benefit to your business.
  • The “big picture” is never lost, so that no work is done in isolation.
  • Things get done and good things happen!

Great systems, but NO cookie-cutter approaches

It’s a simple fact that every business is unique and every business owner is unique. But there are common threads that run through all businesses.

Using my extensive corporate business experience as a springboard, I have developed systems and methodologies that work to help a wide variety of small businesses. The key is that I personally tailor my approach to each business and each business owner. I love working directly with highly motivated business owners who are committed to doing what it takes to make the changes they need to make. That means I listen attentively to every client to understand all the details, history, and nuances of each situation and idea. I learned many years ago that it’s absolutely essential to understand all the facts before giving advice, making recommendations, or rolling up my sleeves and getting to work.

Before I started my consulting business in 2001, I spent 19 years learning about business, marketing, sales, and technology in the corporate world. It was a great ride and I learned so much, but I wanted to benefit people much more directly than I could as a high level executive. So I decided to take that big, bold step and start my own business.  I’ve loved helping business owners make sound decisions, work smarter, and get to the next level ever since.

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