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Carena PoothCarena Pooth - Your Business Coach and Advisor

After a very rewarding 18 years in the corporate world, Carena was tired of working for big companies. She decided to find a way to use her varied business and people skills to benefit small business owners in the Hudson Valley, where she has lived most of her life. She started her consulting firm in 2001 and has found great satisfaction in helping business owners with ten or fewer employees become more successful.

Carena’s primary objective in all her service offerings is to help her clients achieve clarity and focus in order to get to the next level. As a business coach, Carena is an informal business partner and sounding board. She helps her clients improve their mindset as well as their marketing, deal with new ideas and issues as they arise, or just plain vent! 

Carena specializes not in particular industries or business sectors but rather in the fundamentals that are at the heart of success for every small business.

Carena is an accomplished business executive, consultant, and educator. During her corporate career (following an 8-year teaching stint), Carena managed teams of up to 150 people, turnaround projects spanning multiple companies, and $100 million budgets. As a corporate executive, she was involved in everything from strategic planning and company-wide policy to marketing, technology, training, and customer service.

Whatever the context, Carena always enjoys helping people. She lives by two fundamental principles in her professional as well as her personal life:

Never compromise your integrity, and always put people first.

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Carena’s direct experience includes:

  • Turnaround Leadership leading to sale of a struggling company.
  • Marketing and Sales: Cost effective solutions resulting in higher sales AND increased profit.
  • Cash Flow Control through development and management of comprehensive departmental and company budgets.
  • Cost Reduction through careful product build vs. buy decisions as well as selective workload outsourcing.
  • Time Management, Project Management, and Business Systems designed specifically for each particular cient.
  • Business Communications: Internal and external…from customer letters to HR to PR.
  • Team Building and motivation to optimize productivity and profit.
  • Employee Hiring, Coaching, and (occasionally) Termination
  • Management & Business training.

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