"Working with Carena
     is worth the money,
     things are getting done
     that weren’t getting done

               — Ted Timmons
                   Hyde Park, NY

business coaching & consulting tailored to your small business

Pooth & Associates, LLC

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so many ideas, so little time

Are you wearing all (or almost all) the hats in your business? Do you struggle to find enough hours in the day to handle all your responsibilities? Do you often feel overwhelmed by a never-ending stream of ideas without ever getting any of them off the ground? Do you go through cycles of getting started on an exciting new idea and then dropping it in order to deal with the day-to-day fires?  Do weeks go by, months go by, and before you know it another year has passed without any change in your business or your life?

you should be running a business…not just doing a job!

The owners of small businesses – the backbone of our economy – usually spend all (or almost all) of their time working in their businesses and little, if any, time working on their businesses. As a result, many of them find themselves stuck doing a job rather than experiencing the exhilaration of running a business.

lonely at the top?

Senior managers in large corporations rely on advisory boards and experts within their own companies when they need advice or want to start a project. Small business owners, on the other hand, do not have immediate access to this type of expertise. As a result, they often find themselves in a very lonely position, trying figure everything out by themselves even though they cannot possibly have the knowledge or expertise that’s needed to do so.

it doesn’t have to be that way!

The good news is that I can help you get your arms around all those great ideas for your business, take a planned, strategic approach, and stay on track with it. I’ll help you learn how to work smarter so you can focus on the things that will really propel your business forward.

imagine having a business expert available whenever you need one

What if you knew and trusted an experienced business expert you could call whenever you felt the need? Whenever you wanted to discuss an idea, or get a second opinion? Or on a tough day when you just wanted someone to listen and understand? Imagine having a reliable go-to person who understands you and your business. Imagine how this kind of help could relieve stress, save time, and propel your business forward!

Contact me to find out how you can have access to a highly skilled business expert at a rate you can afford.

coaching, practical advice, and hands-on help for your business

While there are common threads among all businesses, I know that every business is unique and every business owner is unique. For this reason, I tailor my approach to each individual situation and each individual person.

I specialize in helping small businesses

The health of our economy depends on small businesses. The owners of those businesses take a great deal of risk and pour a lot of heart and soul into their companies. I believe passionately that small business owners deserve access to high quality coaching and consulting services. That’s why I’m delighted to work with businesses that many other consultants feel are too small to deal with.

are you and I a good fit for each other?

I work with small business owners who are committed to doing their part to make my programs work for them. This means they are eager to work hard and be responsive to requests for information or meetings. They understand that there is no magic wand! We have to work together as a team, and we both have to keep our promises to each other and ourselves.

Sorry, we are not taking any new clients at this time.

I hope you will find this website helpful (check out my blog), and I wish you success in all aspects of your life.